• Islamic Finance House upgrades T24 core banking system
Islamic Finance House upgrades T24 core banking system
Дата: 15.10.2016 19:16. Перегляди: 87


Islamic Finance House, a provider of Shari’a-compliant solutions and financial services to corporates, has completed an upgrade of its core banking system, Temenos 24, to the latest version of the system. The upgrade to version R14, says the firm, will enable it to optimise resources, provide solutions to scale and shorten its approval processes.

 “The framework of our operations is set on being able to rapidly respond to our customers’ varying needs and requirements. This migration will grant the operating team at IFH greater flexibility in conducting daily business, by optimising internal processes,” says Firdousi Maheen, General Manager of Islamic Finance House. “Ideas we once thought were inconceivable were actualised through technology. Being entrusted by our clients to always mould new products and services that are compliant with Shari’ah’a laws and regulations, refurbishing the T24 system goes hand in hand with IFH’s innovation strategy.”

 Dispensing its products offering along a heaping clientele base, IFH is set on always being a forerunner in implementing the latest technology within its operations. With branches located in both Abu Dhabi and Dubai, elevating the T24 system will further enable IFH to continue pioneering Sharia’a compliant financial solutions and widening its products offering to meet the elevated demand within the UAE market.

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