• ADVAPAY International Workshop, October, 28-29, 2016, Estonia
ADVAPAY International Workshop, October, 28-29, 2016, Estonia
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  ADVAPAY International Workshop, a unique event of new format with series of meetings emphasizing interaction and exchange of information among all the participants both speakers and attendees.

 This event explores all the aspects regarding the registration of payment institution, license acquisition, prospects for the development of legislation, peculiarities of IT infrastructure and other actual questions of banking and/or payment service business development.

 ADVAPAY workshop is intended for the limited number of participants and the main aim is to open the actual questions not on the sidelines of the event but to gain hands-on experience squarely at main venue.

 The format of our workshop afford grounds for informal gathering with the payment market leaders, pose questions to them, make acquaintance with all the attendees, exchange contacts and spend good time in a good place.

 Among invited speakers

- Thales e-Security is a leading global provider of data protection solutions with more than 40 years experience securing the world’s most sensitive information;

- An peer-to-peer money transfer service. More than £3 billion of user money has been transferred through TransferWise. It supports more than 300 currency «routes» across the world;

- LHV Bank is an Estonian banking and financial services company headquartered in Tallinn. LHV Bank is one of the largest brokers on NASDAQ OMX Baltic stock exchanges.

  If you would like to attend, you can fill out the registration form here: http://advapay.eu/workshop/2016


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